APC Paper Group

From the mill to the web, a Claremont, New Hampshire sustainable paper producer modernizes their site

Leading Paper Provider Seeks to Improve Sales Tool

For over 30 years, APC Paper Group has been the leading manufacturer of recycled specialty paper. Based in Claremont, NH, the company runs two mill operations located in the Northeast, using state-of-the-art equipment to produce 100% recycled paper products.

The company leverages their advanced machinery and a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint to produce high-quality sustainable paper products. APC’s core capability is converting paper that would typically fill landfills into new consumer products. Known for its high-quality production, the paper mill wanted to cement its status as the preferred specialty paper provider.

For years, the company focused first and foremost on product performance to develop their long-standing customer relationships. This approach left the company’s website neglected, which had been outdated and lacking content for years, serving as more of an informational brochure than a digital sales tool. APC needed an updated web presence to explain their distinct positioning and showcase the specialty products by the paper provider.

Client / APC Paper Group

Industry / Paper Mill

Location / Claremont, New Hampshire

Website / www.apcpaper.com

Project Scope

  • New Hampshire Paper Mill Web Design, Homepage
  • New Hampshire Paper Mill Web Design, Services Page
  • New Hampshire Paper Mill Web Design
  • New Hampshire Paper Mill Web Design, About Page
  • New Hampshire Paper Mill Web Design
  • New Hampshire Paper Mill Web Design

Delivering Quality from the Claremont, NH Mill to the Web

Since 1991, the recycled paper leader has been producing high-quality products utilizing state-of-the-art machines and operating on a culture rooted in product innovation. Yet the company’s digital representation did not do the job of highlighting the company’s commitment to high-quality products and the forward-thinking culture it had built a reputation for.

The company was motivated to redesign their website by the sales team, who did not find the site usable as a sales tool for potential customers. Desiring a functional, digital site to enable their sales efforts, APC approached RYCO Design to redesign the website.

During the debrief, RYCO and the client discussed the business goals of the company, their differentiation in the marketplace, their product line, innovative culture and their commitment to sustainability. The company had made generous efforts towards improving profitability, cost reductions and efficiency to improve their performance. Now, they needed a website to better showcase its services, which would lead to more new business leads and additional revenue.

APC Paper Group Mobile Website

Sustainable Branding for Paper Mill Website

After the debrief, RYCO determined that the Claremont, New Hampshire paper mill’s position in the market as a high-quality, sustainable paper producer should be the core focus of the website. Not only does their approach create high-quality kraft paper products; it also makes possible for their customers to achieve their own sustainability goals, which is a desirable outcome for today’s businesses.

RYCO used this as the foundation to determine the vision of the website, incorporating this into the visuals, graphics and content that would support the company’s sales efforts. As part of the website design, RYCO determined what visual elements would best convey the company’s products and mission.

The new website includes vibrant, landscape, green photography with natural elements like trees, leaves, forests and recycled paper as the main features of the site. The modern photography of the site prominently displays paper products but in a way that humanizes the company’s efforts and brings the reader in for the story to tell.

The website design would need to match the company branding and also convey APC’s most important sales points. The connection to environment and nature is supported by a two-tone green color palette, to convey the sustainable commitment of the company. In addition, the web design incorporates simple, green iconography to help illustrate some of the company’s key achievements over time. These include APC’s environmental and quality certifications and accreditations, which help prove quality and credibility to potential customers.

RYCO utilized WordPress for the new website platform. The simple structure of the paper mill website showcases the strong history of APC, highlights their accomplishments in sustainability and describes their innovation in products and capabilities. These are all combined in a simple website structure combined with website SEO efforts are targeted to companies that want to find a paper producer committed to producing innovative products that are environmentally friendly.

Paper Mill Web Design iPhone Mockup
Paper Mill Web Design iPhone Mockup
Paper Mill Website on a Phone

Web Design Reinvigorates Paper Sales

After working with RYCO Design, APC Paper now has a fresh, modern and successful website that is a desirable branding tool. Serving as a showcase to prospective clients in practically any person or any industry – from consumer products to food services – the website now offers a detailed explanation of the company benefits and unique positioning that can relate to a vast audience.

The website successfully articulates the rich history of APC, their diverse product line of top-quality kraft paper products, ability to work under tight deadlines, trusted performance serving a range of industries and most importantly, the APC sustainability commitment.

For companies looking for sustainable vendors and product solutions, the new APC website will stand out in organic searches and serve as a primary sales channel. The client was thoroughly pleased with the final product and it will be a tool to reach potential customers more effectively to achieve sales targets.