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Clients across the New England region looking to elevate their brand through digital marketing strategies turn to RYCO Design. When these plans go beyond web and graphic design, RYCO Design pulls in its strategic partners to get the job done.

Videos have become a popular format to tell corporate narratives – to share more in less time and to better engage across digital channels. As audiences trend towards reading less and viewing online more, video is a great way to bring your company to life. With your brand being put to work beyond the webpage, this is an important component of most digital strategies.

When your project requires a creative video asset, RYCO Design works with Benchmark Multimedia, a full-service video production company. Benchmark has produced commercial and corporate work for clients across all industries for over 10 years. RYCO Design has the skillset to enhance your digital presence and then teams up with Benchmark to bring these graphics and storylines to life through video. Together, this partnership produces sophisticated, creative storytelling.

Benchmark is the preferred video agency vendor because of their reputation for customer service, their approach to storytelling and their reasonably priced services. Based in New Hampshire and Maine, the proximity of these two firms means projects can be coordinated seamlessly, from meetings and brand direction to execution. By partnering with a highly capable video agency, RYCO offers clients a full-service creative offering that is on par with larger creative agencies. This means you receive high caliber work within a quick timeframe, and within budget.

The combination of these two talented teams means clients have access to consistent, branded, strategic creative services, to achieve branding and marketing strategies. Through this partnership, engage their audience in new ways, whether through digital, video or print – RYCO Design can get the job done.

About Benchmark Multimedia

Benchmark Multimedia is a full-service commercial and corporate video production company that has been in business for over 10 years. Their range of services covers pre-production, production and post-production which includes concepting, scripts, storyboarding, location scouting, talent, shooting, producing, directing, drone, audio production, graphics and animation, editing and color correction.

A second generation, family-owned business, this video agency has a reputation for quality, creativity and outstanding customer service, with personal attention to detail. Managed by a small team of creatives, their experts have a passion for storytelling, motivation for originality and an eye for innovation. Through their concepts and tech-savvy execution, the final product brings people to laugh, cry and feel everything in between to understand your story.

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From Concept to Delivery

When your project requires video work, your engagement process with RYCO Design remains unchanged. Ryan will continue to lead marketing strategy conversations to clarify the business objectives. Whether your strategy requires a 30-second ad or a full educational video, RYCO Design works closely with its partners and clients across the New England region to ensure goals are achieved.

Any digital branding process starts with client meetings to clarify the brand direction. Your work with RYCO Design will begin with graphic design and web development and then determine how your video will be integrated into the overall digital strategy. Depending on the client’s needs, your video need can range from trainings, product launches, testimonials, event and exhibition promotions, trailers, awards, fundraising, insights, awareness or endorsements.

With a confirmed video strategy, Ryan will liaise directly with Benchmark Multimedia to confirm creative brief details, brand direction and coordinate timelines and budget requirements. In the pre-production phase, the video agency leads the services from concepting, scripts to storyboarding. The client will always have one point of contact and a coordinated effort to confirm the direction moving forward.

Behind the scenes, Benchmark handles all heavy lifting for the video deliverables. In the production phase, all the elements needed for your video are captured. This includes video shooting, producing, directing, drone, audio production, graphics and animation.

In the final, post-production phase, all the elements are edited and combined to create the final video, including editing and color correction. RYCO Design works in partnership with the video team to ensure the final deliverable designs are consistent across channels.

Through this process, RYCO Design can pull in the best talent for the job, to turn your project around quickly, with flawless execution. While maintaining creative integrity, your videos will be of the highest quality, at a fair price to be shared across the New England region.

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