Breakaway Bikes Dewey Web Design

Good vibes and high fives, with an inviting, higher-end website

The Project

Beaches & Bikes

In the town of Dewey Beach, Delaware, Breakaway Bikes was born out of a love for both beaches and bikes and the surrounding community. The company sells bikes, bike gear and offers bike servicing and repairs for bikers all around – from experienced enthusiasts to rental bike newbies.

For locals and visitors wanting to explore the Delaware coast, Breakaway offers an opportunity to sightsee along the coast while riding. With bikes ranging from beach cruisers to hybrids, the bike rentals are great for laid-back sightseeing through town and serious cycling training and racing. Since their opening two years ago, customers were able to find the bike shop through the company’s website, but the online site did not provide much more information beyond location.

Client / Breakaway Bikes Dewey

Industry / Outdoor / Retail Bike Shop

Location / Dewey Beach, DE

Visit /

Project Scope

Delaware Bike Shop Web Design

The Need

Good Vibes Online for Bikers

When the retail business opened in 2019, the owner built the first website through a Wix website builder to establish a digital presence. The main function of the original bike shop website was for riders to find the shop online, but the site lacked the proper functionality, aesthetics, content and standard best practices.

Since Breakaway Bikes had been in business, it has been stationed among several other bike shops off the beach. Facing competition in the beach town, the owner wanted to stand out from the competition through a more distinguished bike shop website. Through a client referral, the owner reached out to RYCO to develop a new website.

In the two years since opening, the bike shop had come to create its own brand identity and developed its own biking community. The company needed a website that would match their unique company personality and would set apart Breakaway Bikes in the beach town.

The Journey

Riding On to A New Look

The primary concern of the owner was that the old website did not visually align with his brand and the inviting, coastal vibe of the physical store presence in the community. Considering his target customers, the bike shop website needed to appeal to a variety of audiences – from the hardcore triathlon bikers to casual beach cruisers and parents looking for kids’ bikes. Additionally, Breakaway wanted to give equal priority to all of their important lines of businesses.

After consulting with the client, and gathering all of the website wish list items, RYCO first started on the rebrand of the website. To achieve the brand wish list from the client, the color palette was revamped, utilizing aqua blue and light sand colors to represent the coastal vibes. The images were heavily based on a coastal, aquatic theme with inviting and vivid images of the beach and bikes popping out along the beach. This was supplemented by life-like images of the ocean and waves in the header and footer, so that it carries over to every page.

To properly promote all three lines of his equally important businesses, RYCO developed primary landing pages for each of his core services: sales, rentals and bike servicing. A new inventory section was added to the site, so that customers could clearly see which bikes are in stock. And an eCommerce functionality was added, so they could sell gear, merchandise and apparel directly online.

RYCO successfully completed web design, WordPress development and SEO implementation to improve the company website.

Bike Shop WordPress Website
  • Bike Shop Homepage
  • Bike Shop eCommerce Product Page
  • Bike Shop Website
  • Bike Shop Website

The Result

New Waves for a Full-Service Bike Shop Website

After revamping the bike shop website branding, RYCO also worked with the client to update the voice/tone of the copy to make it more inviting and inclusive. Then, they expanded on the content from the old site to help improve SEO to attract new bike riders.

From the initial wish list meeting, through the launch of the new website – the entire project took only seven weeks to complete.

The new website reflects the character of this biking community and this standout biking shop, they can feel the vibes from their initial visit on the website. The new functionalities gives Dewey Beach bikers a chance to participate in a shared experience – good vibes and high fives, with an inviting, higher-end website with useful functionality before and after their biking experience.

While every ride is different, Breakaway Bikes Dewey now has a website that is a great starting point for any cycling adventure.

“On time, met our budget, and created a site that represents us beautifully. We are thrilled!”

Dan Malley, Owner