Near Field Magnetics

Sensing the World to Improve People’s Lives

The Project

A Revamped Online Experience

In today’s 24/7 economy, the ability to collect data and translate it into information is the key to succeeding or failing. No company understands this concept more than Near Field Magnetics. Based in Milford, New Hampshire, the company is a leading provider of data collection, tracking and physical access control technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT), B2B marketplace. The company has developed patented sensor technology that collects detailed data in RF hostile environments and communicates it to the IoT.

When Near Field Magnetics embarked on a campaign to invigorate its brand to more closely align with the company’s advanced technology and solutions, they turned to RYCO Design to deliver an exceptional online experience with a high-tech, modern feel.

Client / Near Field Magnetics, Inc

Industry / Technology

Location / Milford, NH

Visit /

Project Scope

Website Mockups

The Need

A Modern and Unique Web Presence

RYCO Design provides a full suite of web design and web development services to meet the expectations of our customers. Our intuitive design and development process starts with a deep dive into our client’s mission and purpose.

Near Field Magnetics understood the power of a well-designed website in today’s marketplace. Revamping their website was an integral part of the company’s rebranding efforts. While their original site provided visitors with a basic understanding of the company’s products and services, it lacked the responsiveness, creative design and a content management system that a modern website requires to successfully compete in today’s search engine optimization (SEO) driven landscape.


Custom Iconography Design

The Journey

Client Specific Web Design and Web Development

Near Field Magnetics’ project scope required that we deliver a modern web design in order to match the high-tech nature of the company’s products. Each page tells visitors a compelling story about the company’s products in a responsive design that is easily viewed on any device.

The company’s products are technologically advanced and require a knowledge of the wireless sensor and the avenues that data flows to and from data collection systems. RYCO Design created a portfolio of custom illustrations to support their solutions and visually describe the products so that visitors can easily grasp the capabilities of each solution.

The Near Field Magnetics refreshed web design was built using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) to allow the company to easily manage the site post-launch. The new CMS provides the company with the ability to easily add new pages, update content and add blog and news posts.

  • Custom Website Illustration
  • Custom Website Illustration
  • Custom Website Illustration for RFID
  • Custom Website Illustration RFID

The Result

Return on Investment

The new Near Field Magnetics site has been well received by both our client and their customers. The site visually tells the story of a leading, high-tech sensor technology company prepared to compete in the rapidly evolving technology field of data collection. With the help of RYCO Design, Nearfield Magnetics was also able to successfully boost website traffic and climb to the top in search engine result pages for relevant keywords.

“If you are looking for a best-in-class website designer, I strongly recommend RYCO Design. You will be amazed by the caliber of the work and the easy manner in which they will work with you. RYCO Design brings customer service to the highest level and really cares about making your website the best!”

– David McManus, CEO, Near Field Magnetics