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At RYCO Design, we believe that a robust Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads strategy is a key component to company’s digital marketing plans. We strive to utilize digital media as an extension of your company, your brand, and your message. Our goal is to run successful digital marketing campaigns while contributing to the overall success of your business. Our blueprint for a successful PPC advertising strategy involves research, communication, analysis and flexibility. By committing to an analytical approach, delivered through Google Ads, we will enable your company to gain valuable website traffic specific to your industry. In turn, accompanied by a great content strategy, we expect to help you generate higher quality leads and open the door to revenue-generating opportunities.

You’ll see below that our process involves goal setting, campaign research, creation, management and analysis. We know the key to any successful PPC strategy is to engage in an evolving process where we can adapt to the changes in your business needs. Based in Hanover, NH, we are an on-demand, full-service web development and digital marketing agency. We provide agency-caliber campaign work—quickly and creatively—to a variety of industries throughout the Upper Valley of NH and VT, New England and across the country.

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Our proven pay-per-click process

Our goal is to drive higher qualified traffic to your website and generate leads for your company by embracing an effective Google Ads strategy.

Preliminary Analysis

Discover. Define. Analyze.

Keyword Research

There is only one way to reach the right customers through PPC advertising, and that is with the right keywords. After gaining your insight on what you believe your customers are searching for, engaging in a Google Trends analysis, and researching words and phrases related to your industry, we will cultivate and find a comprehensive list of keywords that are most relevant to your business. With this preliminary research, we will explore the suggested bid estimates to see how often keywords are searched and how their search volume changes over time. This data will then enable us to narrow down your proposed keyword list and budget, resulting in a focused and targeted keyword strategy.

Market Research & Campaign Tracking

Finally, we will engage in thorough market research, looking at your target customer profiles, researching your competitor set and pairing that with the comprehensive keyword list, resulting in a deliverable that will allow us to confidently build ads to deliver quality traffic to your website. Through demographic targeting and research, we will ensure that we are building a thorough and successful campaign strategy.


Now that the research is complete, we will begin by building out each of your company’s campaigns, ad groups, ad types, ad sets and individual ads. Different audiences will be segmented based on targeted characteristics so that each ad shown is as relevant as possible. By engaging in this strategy, we can save money, improve your conversion rate and give you valuable insight into which ads and audiences are performing the best.

Ad Copywriting

Once the technical setup is complete, we will curate the perfectly persuasive and awesome messages for each audience and ad segment. By speaking to each unique audience, in their own tone, we can maximize relevancy and click-through rates. We will implement specific language that will draw in relevant clicks for your business and weed out the time-wasting “curiosity clicks” that can eat up the budget.

Campaign Setup

Create & Build

Campaign Management

Optimize. Track. Repeat.

Bid Optimization

By reviewing your advertising campaign performance in real-time, our strategy is to always be flexible and adjusting to what the data is telling us. Ads that are performing well for your company’s high revenue services will see increases in their budget allocation, while poor performers will be reduced or even eliminated. Bid optimization will occur across all ad channels, audiences and keywords. This is a fast-changing landscape and PPC strategy must be proactive.

Keyword Review

Specific attention will be given to keyword performance throughout the campaign. Successful keywords for your campaigns will be extensively researched to find more long-tail variations opportunities, with attention given to shorthand and conversational search terms.

Funnel Analysis

Every month, RYCO Design will engage in a high-level analysis of all campaign components. By tracking each visitor’s behavior at every stage of the prospect funnel, we will determine where the most optimization can occur. We will work hard to ensure, to the best of our abilities, that the majority of leads entering the funnel are interested in your services so that you are converting prospects into clients at an acceptable rate.


There is an endless supply of data coming from Google Ads; sometimes combing through all this data can be a little daunting. We will provide monthly reporting and analysis to show you how we are focused on maximizing every single dollar invested in this campaign.

Campaign Evaluation

Analyze & Report

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