Aug 01
WP Engine Hosting

Why WP Engine is the Best Hosting Option for WordPress Sites

In today’s uber-competitive business environment, first impressions matter. Companies spend billions of dollars globally each year creating sleek, user-friendly websites with perfected UX / UI in order to grab a customer’s attention and keep it. And, they repeat this process every 1-2 years or less, constantly iterating and improving sites in order to stay relevant.

With more than 1.8 billion websites operating on the internet in 2018, and more than 24 million eCommerce sites selling more than $2.8 trillion on the web in the same year, holding a prospective customer’s attention when they land on your site is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Not to mention, with the click of the search button on Google, consumers are provided with 100’s of site options globally for nearly any item or service they wish to purchase. If your site doesn’t deliver, there is no shortage of options.

When a prospective customer does visit your site for the first time, this is your company’s best chance to secure their business and turn the visitor into a believer. Your site must be functioning perfectly, with each page loading quickly and features operating as designed. This is why choosing the right web development platform and hosting provider is so important in creating a successful web strategy for your business.

At RYCO Design, we work closely with our clients to understand their business first. This allows our team to create intuitive, responsive sites that deliver the best user experience possible while helping the business achieve the goals of their web or eCommerce strategy. Whether it’s a service business looking to offer information and collect sales leads online, or a retail business transitioning from traditional brick and mortar storefront sales to eCommerce, RYCO Design has proven time and again that our creative process delivers successful results for our clients.

Over the 15 years, RYCO Design has been in operation, we have developed sites on multiple platforms, and provided our clients with a myriad of different hosting provider options. Yet, as in all aspects of life, the best become the best because they deliver or exceed the expected results time and again. While one size certainly does not fit all, we have found and recommend that our clients develop sites using WordPress and host the site with a WordPress website optimized, premium provider. Specifically, WP Engine.

WP Engine is known for its capabilities and is considered one of the best hosting provider options for WordPress websites. Not only is WP Engine optimized for WordPress Websites, but it offers excellent speed and performance, with some of the fastest, smoothest load times. WP Engine offers its premium clients with real-time support should any issues arise. They also offer multi-tiered pricing plans so that start-ups and small businesses can begin to utilize this powerful tool early in their business cycle and grow into more advanced options. You can read about WP Engines Pricing here.

Our team at RYCO Design cannot overstate enough the importance of utilizing a hosting provider like WP Engine that specializes in hosting WordPress websites. WP Engine also offers a staging and development environment, where you can preview edits to a site without affecting the public or live WordPress website. They offer a variety of security tools including SSL Certification, Website Password Protection, and Firewalls, not to mention its ability to backup and restore previous versions of your WordPress website with a click of a button.

RYCO Design also likes the fact that WP Engine is constantly progressing, with the company recently announcing that they acquired Flywheel, a WordPress website hosting provider that also offered superior services. Combined, these technologies make WP Engine a clear leader in hosting for WordPress websites, and the reason that our team recommends this solution.

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