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High Caliber Branding for Celebratory DJ Sounds

Vinyl Countdown is a professional DJ service that delivers music entertainment to celebrate life’s biggest moments. Made up of skilled and experienced DJs, Vinyl Countdown takes their passion for music and turntables to bring creativity and energy at a range of events, from weddings to corporate parties across Maine and nationwide.

Similar to other DJ’s in the area, the group had been conducting business using a self-designed logo and a templated website. After years of experience at various parties and venues, Vinyl Countdown was looking to promote their services to a higher-end clientele and needed to align the company branding with their desired demographic and pricing. Vinyl Countdown wanted a brand that represented exclusivity and high-end services, to recognize them as Maine’s premier DJ provider.

Client / Vinyl Countdown

Industry / DJ / Entertainment

Location / Kennebunkport, ME

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Project Scope

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Taking a Static DJ Icon to An Engaging Event Brand

RYCO Design took on the assignment to develop a logo design, web design, branding and SEO improvement to position the DJ company for their desired clientele. RYCO Design reviewed the group’s current assets – including an icon (a V in a circle with an abstract turntable) and determined it was strong enough to keep as the foundation of the new brand, with some revisions, in order to support brand recognizability.

The icon design was simplified, so it would still be recognizable, but with polished finishing. The ‘V’ was sliced, and gold and black colors were added to give the wordmark character. This helps the icon be recognizable when only the wordmark is applied on deliverables. Then the icon was paired with a minimal, modern typeface, with increased letter spacing.. To achieve the polished, upscale look for high-end events, a black and gold color palette was selected for the new brand. Overall, the logo was improved to a modern, high-end look and feel.

Premier Branding to Rock Premier Events

Moving on to the web design, the client provided the content, testimonials and photographs to be used. RYCO Design transitioned their website from the limited SquareSpace platform to a WordPress platform, so that the design and layout could be customized. The site was designed with the dark and gold color palette, with action photos, improved messaging and an overall professional look.

RYCO Design transitioned the website to a new hosting site, completed a new web design, conducted keyword research, competitor audit and developed content for the site. The website was reworked to improve the client’s original search engine ranking, incorporating blog posts to answer commonly asked questions on Google to significantly improve SEO. The content focuses on musical selections of the DJs, frequent event questions and overall high-end event services.

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Black & Gold for Vinyl Countdown Sound

After finalizing the direction of the logo and web design, RYCO helped set up the DJ company with high-end deliverables to reach their target market.

The web design – from concept to content – was completed within 5 weeks. They also assisted the client in carrying out the new brand, consistent visuals and messaging throughout all their digital components – social media, email marketing and Google accounts.

The final branded materials included business cards, which were extremely important to Vinyl Countdown since their DJ’s typically hand out cards at all their events to prospective clients. As a signature marketing piece, it was important for these pieces to really stand out. Using the main brand elements, focusing on the black and gold and the “V” icon, RYCO Design created high-end business cards. The premium business cards were printed with a soft touch finish and gold foil for an added shine, really standing out and supporting the high-end brand. Using makes it easy for the client to re-order and reprint as needed.

The final, updated brand for Vinyl Countdown successfully showcases this Maine-based DJ provider as a premier company with a passion for music and high-end events.

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“Ryan absolutely crushed our new website and branding refresh! We couldn’t be happier. Encapsulated our brand perfectly! Easy to work with and highly responsive from start to finish. He’s open to feedback, goes above and beyond and has a sense of humor. If you’re looking for a new website or help with your branding – call or e-mail Ryan now.”

James Read, Co-Founder, Vinyl Countdown

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Maine DJ Business Card Design