Apr 10
Logo Design Steps

Four Simple Steps to Follow When Creating a Logo

Creating a logo that is as unique as your business is a daunting task. First impressions can make or break a company. When it comes to the face of your brand, you don’t want to take any chances. Logos can draw consumers in, or they can push them away. To start the journey of creating a unique logo that fits your brand, consider these four techniques:

  • Know your audience
  • Keep it simple
  • Let the colors do the work
  • Be unique

Know Your Audience

This seems easy. It is the business you created or the one that you’re representing. It’s the image you want to be portrayed to the consumer, but it’s more than that. To truly capture the essence of your brand you must know your audience. Once you have a true picture of your audience, the face to your brand should begin falling into place.

Keep it Simple

Our everyday lives are chaotic on so many different levels, that’s why this step is so important. Keep it simple. The simpler the lines, shapes and colors of your logo the easier it will be for a customer to recall it. Take a moment and think of a famous logo, chances are it’s creatively simple, therefore easy to remember.

Let the Colors Do the Work

Colors are historically known for influencing mood. Needless to say, choosing the wrong color can detrimentally affect the logo you are trying to convey. It is your job to tell your audience how to feel, you can do this by choosing an appropriate color to match the essence of your brand. Make the colors work for you! Check out the psychology of colors here. It is vital that the colors chosen align with your target audience all the while keeping it simple enough not to overwhelm.

Be Unique

What are some of the things that set you apart from your competitors? You can probably compile a laundry list of examples. Your logo needs to be another item in this “list”. Aside from the threat of legal repercussions, you need your logo to stand out from your competitors. If it is too similar, you could find your company advertising for theirs, and this does not end well for you!

A good place to start is performing a trademark search to ensure that there are no similar logos that have been produced. Study some of the competition but strive to be different. Stand out, that’s what will lead to success.


Choosing the perfect logo that reflects the uniqueness of your company is a challenge, but the reward is a success. By following the steps outlined above, you are on your way to creating a lasting and memorable representation of your business. Along with these steps, it is important to advertise, advertise, advertise. Plaster your logo everywhere, at least for the tax write off! Maybe the consumer won’t recognize it the first time, but they will the second! Good luck, if you have any questions, or need help designing a logo to fit your brand contact RYCO Design at [email protected].